The SpeedDream Team

Vlad Murnikov and Brian Hancock first met in 1989 during around the world voyage. Murnikov, the founder and driving force behind Fazisi, the Soviet Union’s only entry in the prestigious Whitbread Round the World Race, was looking for the best international sailors to race Fazisi around the world. He hired Hancock and a two-plus decade friendship was forged.
They come from vastly different backgrounds; Murnikov from Moscow’s intellectual society that eventually changed the Soviet Union forever, and Hancock from the hot plains of South Africa and the untamed free spirit of a vastly different country also undergoing change.

Murnikov brings the brilliance of a highly trained engineer; Hancock the creative drive to tell and sell the story of the SpeedDream Design Concept™.

The skipper of SpeedDream is Olympic medalist and former America's Cup sailor Cam Lewis, one of the most respected and successful sailors of our generation. Cam was the sole American aboard Commodore Explorer, the first boat ever to circumnavigate the world in less than 80 days. He went on to build and skipper his own super catamaran Team Adventure in The Race, a nonstop lap of the planet.

Joining Hancock, Lewis and Murnikov are some of the top naval architects, structural engineers and marketing professionals. As a team their skills are complimentary, their passion for the concept and its potential impact on sailing unmatched, and their determination unwavering.

Vlad Murnikov

Brian Hancock

Cam Lewis

The SpeedDream Team

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Vlad Murnikov speaking at
the Herreshoff Marine Museum.

Cam Lewis and Brian Hancock
at Herreshoff Marine Museum

Brian crossing the Pacific on

trimaran Loe Real.

Cam being interviewed by BBC

for program on SpeedDream.

Vlad being interviewed by BBC

for program on SpeedDream.